The New England General Practice Research Network (NEGPRN) is a practice-based research network in the New England and North West region of NSW. It has been established to improve patient health outcomes through primary care-based research in general practices in this region. It will build the capacity of community based clinicians to develop, undertake and implement research. The NEGPRN is funded by NSW Regional Health Partners in collaboration with the University of New England and University of Newcastle.
What are the benefits of the NEGPRN for practices?

  • Improve health outcomes for patients
  • Contribute to research by posing questions of importance within your own clinical care
  • Access to relevant education and training for CPD points
  • Facilitate quality improvement activities for PIP Quality Improvement Incentive payments
  • Facilitate peer connection and networking
  • Develop a culture of quality improvement in general practice
  • Build capacity and career progression opportunities in general practice in our region