Acute Wound Trial

We are currently conducting a minor skin surgery clinical trial comparing 2 dressing types, one containing a pain relief medication (ibuprofen) and comparing it to an identical non-medicated dressing. We are also comparing whether keeping the wound covered until stitches are removed, or removing the dressing at 48 hours is better in terms of patient pain and comfort, and infection rates.

There are 3 practices involved so far (The Belmore Surgery, Peel Health Care Ltd and Rusden Street Medical Practice) who have been fantastic in their commitment to recruiting patients and completing the (minimal) paperwork involved and we are continuing to recruit. We understand that with our current Covid-19 situation may impact practice’s ability to commit however involvement requires very little time and we will assist anyway we can. There is no requirement of patient numbers and we are happy to involve practices who only do low volume skin surgery.

Practices involved are also eligible for the Quality Improvement payment through the PHN … for which we will provide the documentation.

Please contact Assoc/Prof Michelle Guppy on or Catherine Brabrook on if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

Link to clinical trial registry for further information:

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