Changes To CPD Requirements

The medical board has announced significant changes to CPD requirements, commencing January 2023. See: Medical Board of Australia – August 2021.  This will affect you whichever College you do your CPD through, and the colleges will now be called “CPD homes”.

What this means is that GPs will need to do 25 hours of CPD per year that is reviewing performance and measuring outcomes (with another 25 hours per year being ‘traditional’ CPD). GPs will be required to develop a professional development plan.

The New England GP Research Network is keen to develop ideas and projects with GPs and practices that will be meaningful for your everyday work, whilst assisting you to meet the new CPD requirements.

We would like to meet with your practice to discuss how we can begin this process now, so that we are all up to speed by 2023. You can contact A/Prof Michelle Guppy or Catherine Brabrook to set up a meeting or to talk about ideas to assist you with these requirements.

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