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Investigating local solutions to chronic wound care management

The cost to practices and patients of managing chronic wounds is significant. Evidence-based wound care has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce costs. This study will investigate the barriers and challenges that New England practices experience in managing chronic wounds, and design a local intervention that will aid practices in their delivery of high-quality wound care services to patients. This survey has been distributed to practices via the Primary Health Network. If you would like to complete the survey please follow this link:

For further information please contact:

A/Prof Michelle Guppy

Phone 02 6773 3579

Catherine Brabrook

Phone 02 6773 4463


A prospective randomised controlled trial of dressings for management of pain for minor skin excision wounds in general practice

This research aims to work out how doctors should best manage wounds after minor skin surgery. It is a randomised controlled trial of two types of dressings and dressing protocols following minor skin surgery in general practice. The first part of the study compares participant pain levels with a dressing containing a pain relief medication (ibuprofen) compared to an identical non-medicated dressing. The second part of this study will compare whether keeping the wound covered until stitches are removed, or removing the dressing at 48 hours is better in terms of patient pain and comfort, and infection rates. Recruitment for this study will begin in April 2021.