Healthy Rural Hearts – research project

Dietitian advice may lower CVD risk

The New England region has one of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease in New South Wales. Are you looking for a reason to reconnect with patients who may have put off their yearly check-ups?

The HealthyRHearts research project will ask you to screen your patient lists for people aged 45-70 years who need to come in for a heart health assessment. It is a randomised controlled trial, with the intervention group receiving up to five telehealth dietetic consults from rural dietitians, specially upskilled for the study. The usual care group will get detailed feedback about their nutrition. Both groups will be managed concurrently by their GPs, with study information available to doctors.

Interested in the project? Full details and GP responsibilities can be obtained from the HealthyRHearts research team via email:, or phone 02 4921 6259 for further information. 

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