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We would like to introduce to Dr Joseph Turner, an Armidale based rural generalist (emergency medicine) GP and Obstetrician and researcher. Joe became interested in research when he completed his PhD prior to his medical degree. He feels combining research and clinical work allows him to follow his own clinical interests and overcome challenges within his own practice.

Joseph V Turner
Dr Joseph Turner – UNE Medical Centre GP and Senior Lecturer

Joe is currently in the recruitment phase of a clinical trial entitled Progesterone After Mifepristone – pilot for efficacy and reproducibility (PAMper Trial). It is a prospective single-arm clinical trial for women whose decision has changed after commencing medical abortion and who wish instead to keep their pregnancy. With this current research project Joe saw an unmet need for evidence-based information to inform his practice when working with women with crisis pregnancies.

This is the link to the trial information:

Trial registration:

Any clinicians or students interested in further information can contact Joe at

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